The 50 Star Constellation

by special guest and my friend, Nathan Jeffords
Letter of Invitation - The 50 Star Constellation Nathan Jeffords
The 50 Star Constellation

You are a casted fleet of ships
You are a reaching, asking nation.
You are letters to a place, a dream
You are curious, you are patience.
When that darkest night does fall
And your course be uncertain,
Let our shores be welcome mats
And an answer, not a question.

Let our words be swift and kind,
And our hearts be joyful poems.
Let our decisions be made by wisdom,
Not by calculation or election.
Let our flag be a guide to tattered souls
A welcome letter, not condition.
Let these stripes be roads to homes,
And these 50 stars be a constellation.
Let these blue fields be a promise
For life, liberty, and reconciliation.

And when some would have our banner
Reduced to the color of one or two,
Remember that no one is truly right or wrong,
Difference is merely point of view.
And that white stripe light has within it
The presence of every hue,
That blood spilled is always red
No matter whom it runs through,
That home is not from where you’ve come,
But where you are – even if it’s new.

That every person has felt themselves break
thinking their pain unbearable and undue,
But when I was there and felt all alone, Love
Was given and I was pulled through.

So, let us see ourselves in each other,
And so reach our hand out to you.

by Nathan Jeffords
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One thought on “The 50 Star Constellation

  • July 26, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Unbelievably Awesome!!


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