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21 books that will change your life

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Last week, we talked about how to Exercise Your Brain to Make it Stronger. We talked about how neuroplasticity helps us connect the dots around us and how to stave off the horrors of Alzheimer’s by simply exercising that melon; we even talked about how Youtube can make you smarter.

This week it’s all about books- and yes, audio books totally count! #booksforbrains

Books are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to acquire new skills, overcome challenges, plan for the future, learn about the world, and become an all-around better human being.

Books: Check ’em out.

Hugh Jackman Read Poster
Because SNIKT, Bub.

Books give us insight into the minds of people who have lived the hell, spent the money, survived the failure, and felt the pain- so we don’t have to.

In this day and age, we have at our fingertips an opportunity to learn from countless authors’ tragic mistakes and to build on their most magnanimous successes- all for the cost of a free library card. Now go; greatness awaits.

21 books that will change your life:

Some great resources for free audio books

read nathan fillion
Because Captain Mal said so.

OverDrive or Hoopla– both work through the public library system, so you’ll need a library card to register. There are great iphone apps for each that I use all the time, and they’re FREE!

Audible.com– Books available for purchase, and there is a subscription service that I can stand behind. The first month is free, and if you’re hooked, make sure to check this awesome free app called Honey. I got a gargantuan discount when I signed up.

ChristianAudio.com– Books available for purchase only, but they’ve got a great library; they’ve got stuff I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

What are some books that stretched you or altered your reality and how did they achieve this wizardry?


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