Let’s Talk About The Power of Thought

wolves power of thoughtThere is an old story of two wolves. The dark wolf’s name is Timor; his name means FEAR and he embodies darkness, loneliness, hopelessness, hate, and despair. The white wolf’s name is Spero; his name means HOPE and he embodies light, peace, promise, love, and faith.

Timor and Spero are constantly and brutally at each other, competing for our attention; it’s our attention that sustains them. Both are powerful, but they are hungry. It’s a daily battle of FEAR vs HOPE. Which wolf will win? The wolf that wins is the one we feed.

Thoughts are among the most powerful forces in all the universe. The Great Pyramids, the U.S. Stock Exchange, and written language all began as mere thoughts in a mind.

Our thoughts, if fed, become action, and action determines the direction of our lives. Good thoughts bring power, confidence, and manifest more good things for us to think about, and so it goes. Bad thoughts manifest bad things and more bad thoughts; that’s what Pastor David Blunt would call, “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

A friend of mine was exploring a book on Taoism that expounded the idea that peace can be found in going with the flow of the universe. They focus on how water effortlessly takes the shape of its container and that we can find peace by being equally adaptable to the world around us. This is water; be like water.

I superficially agree with the idea of Taoism to a point, but I don’t think that most of the people that I know would be satisfied with such a passive approach to life. I think a form of peace could be found in not rocking the boat, and that that kind of peace could be a very good thing, but would it be the best thing?

As I churned over and over the idea of being like water, it hit me: I was thirsty. I grabbed myself a tasty glass of dihydrogen monoxide and upon lubrication of my thinking parts, another thing hit me:

We’re literally made of 60+% water, but we are so much more than water. Figuratively, I think the world around us is water, and that as we focus on and move toward what we want, the world around us will not only get out of our way, but will move around us and get behind us, helping us forward.

“No mystical energy field controls my destiny,” sayeth Han Solo. I, too, would rather be in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding the trajectory of my life. Rather than oppressing, controlling, and deciding for us, I think the universe, God, or (insert your world-view leader here) use what is called the Law of Attraction to assist us in obtaining the life we want to have.

What we focus on gets bigger. The wolf we feed gets stronger. Vividly visualizing something good or bad will make it manifest in our lives, so focus your thoughts on what you want. If you don’t want it, don’t think it; don’t say it. Once you realize that your thoughts become real, you’ll get really careful about what you think about. It’s been said a thousand ways by a thousand people, and here are a few you may know.

If what we think becomes real, the first thing we need to do is change what we think. What is the first thing out of the average person’s mouth upon finding their tire flat or the office coffee burned? “Of course,” of course; or maybe, “that’s just my luck.”  Often, average people will just resign themselves to their own negative opinions of themselves, informing others that they’re “such a clutz” or even “such a bad driver,” just moments after you hop in. As sad as it is, you know what? They’re absolutely right.

Three things most people don’t realize about their bad luck:

  1. They’re probably at least partially responsible for bringing bad things into their life with their stinkin’ thinkin’,
  2. They are 100% able to decide how they want to respond, and they are 100% responsible for their choice, and
  3. Every bad thing that happens to them is an opportunity to grow wiser and stronger.

Knowing the power of our thoughts and knowing how to focus that power on getting the things we want can truly revolutionize our lives. Next time, I’ll share a simple four-step system to make the things you want come true in your life, and will tell a little of my story. I’m no Cinderella, but it’s a pretty good story nonetheless.

Have you had some successes in manifesting what you want in your life? What about manifesting your stinkin’ thinkin’? Please share in the comments!

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